Medical Weight Loss

You Can’t Afford not to Lose Weight

Medical Weight Management is considered the safest, most cost-effective nonsurgical treatment for obesity available. Many commercial diet programs cost the same (or more), yet require you to do the bulk of the work on your own without real-life education, support or medical supervision.

Most Medical Weight Management (The Galleria Weight Loss Clinic) treatments are proven to be effective, and help hundreds of thousands of people regain their health each year. Still, more than 60 million Americans – one third of the population – remain obese. This number directly correlates with the dramatic rise in diabetes and high blood pressure over the past few decades.

The Cost of Treatment

When making the choice between living with obesity and undergoing medical weight loss treatment, most people cite one factor: the cost of treatment. When considering the actual cost of weight loss treatment, it’s important to look at another reality: the comparatively higher costs of obesity and obesity-related complications.

The Cost of Obesity