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Obesity Affects Your Bottom Line

Obesity not only takes a toll on health, it also has an impact on a company’s bottom line. Across the country every year obesity costs employers billions of dollars in medical coverage and absenteeism. Over the past 15 years alone, the obesity rate has doubled with Texas being considered as one of the nation’s fattest states.

“Houston employers turn to wellness programs to combat rising insurance costs.”

– Houston Business Journal

Minimize Costs, Maximize Productivity

Obesity and weight problems have a significant effect on productivity and economic competitiveness. How well businesses are able to manage such issues will determine how productive, competitive and hence successful they are.

Rather than cutting benefits or shifting costs to employees, companies today are starting worksite wellness programs as a way of controlling high healthcare costs. Just as in the past, companies that do not provide comprehensive wellness programs generally will not see a positive ROI.

Holding an annual health fair, an occasional health class, or providing printed health information without follow-up will not generate change or keep healthcare costs from climbing. To see a positive ROI, it is essential to provide a well-run interactive program with comprehensive and effective interventions. Through our healthy weight loss wellness programs,

A New You – The Galleria Weight Loss Clinic – is able to Help You

Smart Business Management

Obese employees file more workers compensation claims than non-obese employees. Naturally, an obese workforce will have higher medical costs and will miss more work. Our customized corporate medical weight loss programs help to control, even prevent various illnesses related to obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and certain types of cancer, ultimately saving significant resources otherwise spent on an obese workforce.

A Comprehensive Wellness Program Works

Companies that are serious about managing costs and saving money recognize the need for a comprehensive program. Our Corporate Weight Loss Wellness programs are custom designed to meet your company needs.

• Training, on-going support, and resources for the company wellness coordinator.

• Health and lifestyle assessment biometric screenings (i.e. lab-work, blood pressure, BMI) so you can identify needs and track improvements for employees and the company as a whole.

• Educating employees on their health risks and how to make necessary lifestyle changes

• Implementing health improvement and weight-loss programs, motivational activities and incentives

• Weekly follow-up visits at an agreed upon time to track and coach company weight-loss participants. (We come to you).

• Tracking program for weight loss, physical activity, wellness activities and events that are tied to incentives, recognition and rewards.

• Program evaluation and outcomes analysis.