Custom Weight Loss

You are Unique, so should be your Weight Loss Plan – call us to schedule to discuss your custom weight loss program.

Through our extensive experience of helping people lose weight we have realized the problem with most weight loss programs – they are aimed at and cater to the masses.  This is often a hit or miss, unless you visit A New You – The Galleria Weight Loss Clinic.   Here we customize a weight loss program using HCG Diet and nutrition, which within weeks you will shed your weight.   We offer truly healthy diets as we take into account that people are different and unique. No one diet is right for everyone. Many of our patients come to us disgruntled and confused as to why they were unable to lose weight. We are proud to help such ‘victims’ of the one-size-fits-all approach.

Customized Weight Loss Program Designed for You!

If you are having problems losing weight, you have options. The best option can only be found by taking the time to get to know you personally. That is exactly what we do at A New You. Our physician-directed custom weight loss programs are based on scientific principles that target root causes of obesity and weight gain. We determine the best solution, get a commitment from you, then guide you every step of the way.

A New You Weight Loss Programs:

Our Physician-Directed Weight Loss Programs Include:

Complimentary one-on-one Consultation

Provide customized diet recommendations based on current lifestyle, keeping future lifestyle changes in mind.

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

CBC, Comp Metabolic, Lipid Panel, Thyroid (TSH), Uric Acid and Pregnancy Test for females able to conceive.

Physical Exam/Lab Results

Meet with the doctor, review lab results, medical history and lifestyle to determine which weight loss program works best for you.

Detailed Nutritional Guidelines

Detailed guidelines and daily journal to stay on track and record daily weight loss results.

Specialized Weight Loss Tools

Cookbooks help to add flavor and variety and most important, teach you how to cook to keep the weight off. (sent via email)

Supplements Backed by Science

We only recommend supplements that work.

Pharmaceutical Medication (case by case)

HCG injections and B-12 Lipotroic shots, must be medically approved by our physician.

Weekly Follow-Up Visits

Accountability, proven to insure successful weight loss!

Maintenance Program

6 months

Don’t Wait, Commit!

If you are struggling with losing weight, then you know – there’s a lot more to permanent weight loss than simply counting the difference between calories in and calories out. If you are committed to losing weight, we are committed to helping you reach your goals and achieve permanent weight loss in a safe and healthy way. We don’t just eradicate your weight, we educate. Once we have established your customized healthy weight loss program, all you have to do is commit!

We Solve, Don’t Wait, Not ‘Fix'

Too many people looking for a safe weight loss program make the mistake of being lured by quick fixes. At A New You we offer healthy weight loss diets that are long-term solutions, not just a ‘quick-fix’. Weight loss solutions are multi-faceted, embodying much more than simply “going on a diet”. The long-term answer “the solution” lies in changing your lifestyle, with which we help, through our expert guidance and 24/7 support.