Exercise Tips

Exercise Tips

You’re Never too Busy to Exercise.

A typical day for most adults encourages a sedentary lifestyle and becoming active takes some effort. Driving or riding in an automobile and working at a desk restrict activity. Watching television is a sedentary activity that can contribute to an inactive lifestyle.

Simple Steps to Increase Daily Activity

• Take the stairs.

• Park a little farther and walk.

• Turn off the TV, computer and/or video game.

• Go for a walk around the block.

• Work in the garden, rake leaves.

• Wash the car.

• Find activities that the whole family will enjoy, such as tennis, rollerblading, or hiking.

Children’s health is heavily affected by their parents’ health, so making exercise a family activity will benefit everyone. By looking at your daily routine, it may be easier than you think to add more activity into the day in addition to regular exercise. Dividing 30 minutes of exercise into smaller blocks throughout your day (such as three 10-minute walks up the stairs, from your car, etc.) can have the same benefit as 30 minutes of continuous exercise. Work some exercise into your daily schedule, and you’ll see the rewards.